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Lexington Spring Encore

James River Hunt 
Keswick Horse Show 
Upperville Horse Show 

Loudoun Benefit Horse Show 

Deep Run Horse Show

Lexington August Show

Warrenton Pony Show  
Rosemount Farm 

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In order to qualify for the Virginia Hunter Championships Finals, horses must compete at the Virginia horse shows listed below. 

Listed qualifying shows included:

The Barracks December I
The Barracks January II  

The Barracks January III        

Stonewall Country I              

Stonewall Country II              

The Barracks February IV

Hollins Spring Welcome  

The Barracks March  V            

Rosemount Farm              

Lexington Spring Premiere  

Professional & Ponies Finals: 4.5 Qualifying shows
All other Divisions: 6.5 Qualifying shows

A-rated shows have a value of 1.5 shows.

AA-rated shows have a value of one show.